SOUND SYSTEM CULTURE is an aggregator website about sound system history, a place to promote comunications, tollerance, respect, counsciousnes and knowledge about the reggae and sound system culture and comunity. So we’ll expose stories, witnessess and opinions about the culture and the world we all live and love by sound system veterans friends, producers, singers , musicians, promoters and reggae activits who stands for their commitment, honesty and obligation to to the people who makes all this possible, the sound boys and finally to the music.


Interview with Yabby You

Vivian Jackson (14 August 1946 – 12 January 2010), better known as Yabby You (or sometimes Yabby U), was...

Interview with Max Romeo

By Sthepehn Cooper , Apr 3, 2019 In a career spanning fifty-five years, legendary reggae star Max Romeo’s...

Interview with Mutabaruka

1984 – ITALY ITAL REGGAE Has your poetry always been political? MUTABARUKA Politics is a word that is used...

Interview with Prince Far I

By Giorgio Battaglia    Popstar Italia – 1985 Battaglia: And then, the song “Under Heavy Manners” was adopted as...

Interview with Lloydie Coxosone

  “Sounds called Coxsone is the first. Sounds that control the universe and quench your musical thirsts…”
(I Roy: ‘Coxsone...