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SEGNALE DIGITALE is an association representing a group of filmmakers, producers, DJs, musicians and digital artisans involved for years in audio, video and multimedia and deeply influenced by all forms of StreetArt e StreetCulture to produce and design works with strong countercultural connotations and completely independent by the mainstream media influence .
SEGNALE DIGITALE born and compact around the work of a group of digital artisans and independent producers that since the early nineties have begun to use digital tools to produce alternative, cultural and political works not influenced by the dominant meanings of the media industry, working in bringing out new artistic and social sensibility and united by a deep awareness and respect of the cultural, spiritual and human-related traditions of the people of the world.
SEGNALE DIGITALE wants to promote culture, projects and events, especially by encouraging communication, tolerance, solidarity and respect and features with this website a series of works, activities and events that have marked his path, with the intent to offer and make available to everybody old and new material and also to generate and facilitate contacts, collaborations and future projects.